Roof Inspection and Estimate Checklist

Roof Inspection by Your Portland Roofer

In order to provide first class customer service to every single homeowner and property manager in Oregon it is crucial to offer a no strings attached 100% cost free 20-point roof inspection to every single Oregon customer. The only way to completely diagnosis a roof problem or to make an assessment of a roof’s life and current performance is to assess the roof system top to bottom. This is where a 20-point free roof inspection can allow a homeowner or a property manager to make the best decisions regarding a current or future roof repairs. Some roofing companies may use a 20-point inspection to bait you in and then charge possessing fees or house call charges, however at Elements roofing you will never pay a single dime for your 100% free 20-point roof inspection. Having your Portland roof inspected annually is the first step in preventing costly water leaks and expensive damages from occurring. Do not wait for water stains to show up or for your ceiling to collapse with a heavy rain to make the necessary roof repairs that could save you thousands of dollars and countless hours of grief.

When is comes to understanding the health and performance of your home or commercial buildings roof in the Portland area, or other Oregon community, a professional licensed roofing contractor will always have the best knowledge in making assessments. Having an annual inspection for free is the very best way to bring the expertise of a professional roofer to your home or commercial building. When a professional roofing contractor provides you with a thorough 20-point roof inspection you will have all of the information to make a sound decision regarding maintenance and repairs that will prevent leaks and other forms water damage. If you are currently seeing water stains in your home or commercial building or there are signs of an active water leak it is crucial that you call a professional roofing contractor to make a diagnosis of your roof’s problem. Do not wait for mold to form, or for your ceiling to completely collapse before getting the free help you need to begin repairing your roof. Be prepared for the heavy rain and snow of the winter months and prevent the horrible surprise of a terrible water leak in the middle of the night. The following is a guide for having your roof inspected and understanding exactly what a professional roofing contractor will be providing you with during a free 20-point roof inspection.

The key factor here again is 100% free of any cost! Do not allow any Oregon roofer to make a claim of free if they cannot back up the offering. Elements Roofing always provides a free 20-point roof inspection that does not cost the homeowner or property manager a single cent. When all the facts are presented up front and the conditions of a roof is mapped out then a homeowner or commercial property manager can make the important decision regarding repairs and roof maintenance.

Your free 20-Point Roof Inspection includes this and more:

1. Is water pooling on any section of your roof? Pooling water is a sure sign of pending water damage and a problem with the function of a roof system.

2. Are there any rotting, or warped asphalt shingles or wood shakes? Rotting asphalt shingles or warping to shingles or shakes is a bad sign and a warning that the life of a roof be have only a limited amount of time left before serious problems occur

3. Notes of missing tiles, slates, shingles, and nails. Any missing tiles, shakes, slates, or shingles must be promptly repaired. Missing nails are also an important warming sign, which can indicate that roof problems may be forming.

4. Are there any cracked or curled roof shingles? This is another important factor in the aging process of a roof and will allow a homeowner to make the determination if a roof is in need of a total replacement or simple repairs to prolong the life of the roof.

5. Does the roof’s ridge appear to be straight? The overall function of a roof system depends on every element in the roof system to be perfect and free of damage. If there are problems with the structure of the roof more serious problems may be present.

6. Are there any dark or bare spots on the roof? This will be a clear warning sign of a possible roof leak.

7. Is the roof flat and in form without sags or dips? Sags and dips can mean pooling water and roof leaks follow.

8. Are there any cracks in the roof’s sheathing? Here is another warning sign that a roof is near the end of its life and a total replacement may be required.

9. Notes on signs of water damage at any overhangs and eaves. Any damaged roofing material must be promptly replaced to prevent further damage.

10. Is the flashing missing or damaged? This is another factor in preventing roof leaks. Damaged or missing flashing will allow water to enter a roof.

11. Is the flashing installed properly? Flashing prevents leaks and water intrusion. If it is not installed perfect you will have a leak.

12. Is there any damage to valley flashing? Again water flows here and if the flashing is not in place you can have a leak occur.

13. Are there signs of missing caulking to seal flashing? A simple caulk repair can prevent a serious water leak.

14. Does the chimney and all vents have caulking? Without caulking present these are common leak spots.

15. Are there bricks missing in the chimney? Any open hole can allow water to enter.

16. Notes on cracks in bricks around chimney? A small crack can allow water to flow into the home.

17. Are there fine gravel granules in the gutters? This shows a failing asphalt shingle.

18. Are the gutters attached securely? Water will flow through these gutters and they must direct water away from the building top function correctly.

19. Does the water flow out of the gutter system? Any leak spots must be fixed to prevent roof damage.

20. Are there any open seams or cracks in the gutters? Here is another simple repair that can save the roof of a serious leak or from being damaged.