How To Get Your Roof Gutters Ready For The Spring Snow Melt

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how to prep rain gutters for spring

Spring Is Here: Are Your Roof Gutters Ready?

Snow may have built up on your roof over the winter, but the springtime thaw will be turning all that snow into a torrent of water just waiting to overwhelm your roof gutters. Now’s the time to start getting your roof gutters ready for the spring snow melt.

Check out these tips for priming your roof gutters for handling the spring snow melt and those drenching springtime rain showers.

Prepping Portland Rain Gutters the Right Way:

  • Use gutters, leaders, and downspouts that pull water at least 10 feet away from the foundation of your home.
  • Use plastic or concrete dry wells to catch water at the end of your downspouts.
  • If your roof doesn’t have gutters, install a water runoff collection system at the drip line under the eaves of your roof.
  • A drip line runoff system can be built by laying a perforated pipe in a plastic-lined trench; surround the pipe with stones and then cover the trench with landscaping.
  • Clean the debris out of the gutters. We recommend using a professional. It provided a great opportunity to inspect you roof for water damage and provide roof repair if necessary.
  • There are several options to stop your gutters from plugging.

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