In light of recent CDC requirements and government mandates, Elements Roofing has been working diligently to institute a new safe distance protocol with our internal staff, office of administration, and employee customer contact. Effective immediately following procedures and protocols will be in place.

Job Sites-

    1. All correspondences with respect to client relations, billing, change orders, customer questions will be done so via phone call with our project manager for your job.
    2. Any correspondences regarding moving the vehicles or questions about the property perimeter’s will be done so via phone call with our project manager directly.
    3. As is always the case, no Elements employee will be permitted inside any home or building without direct permission from the homeowner and only to potentially view attic spaces on a rare occasion.
    4. All of our employees will maintain safe distances with other high standards and orchestrates during the course of the job.
    5. All employees will be required to use hand sanitizer stations each job site and each company vehicle throughout the job.
    6. All lunch breaks will be taken off job site and away from client property.
    7. As is always the case, no drinking soda cans, water bottles, coffee cups etc. will be discarded on the job site and will be contained in a job site trash bag or container.
    8. When working on interior attic spaces all employees very mask protection over their nose and mouth.
    9. Porta-potty’s have been retained for our outdoor yard facilities. All employees will be required to use these outside bathrooms prohibited from using inside office bathroom spaces. Porta-potty’s have been retained for our outdoor yard facilities.

Administrative offices-

Elements Roofing will maintain a fully staffed office during this event. However, will be open and operating from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. We have asked that our office staff work from home in the mornings to reduce in office hours. We will be reducing brick and mortar operational hours from 12pm-4:30 PM Monday-Friday.

In office visits-

At this point we are restricting any in office. Anyone who wishes to conduct business at the office must do so only through our  window screen at the front entrance. Specific request may be made for design meetings etc. but will be done on a case by case basis, with advanced notice and scheduled to take place in our main office auxiliary building conference room only.


All person to person sales will be prohibited during this restriction. Over the years Elements has worked tirelessly to become a paperless company. Therefore, all correspondences for sales will be conducted via phone call and or electronica email.

Fortunately, we are very busy and will continue to function in an efficient manner through this crisis. Roofing, roof leak stoppage, roof & bathroom ventilation etc. are a major health concern for the building, or home and its occupants. Roofing is considered an essential service and will remain relatively undisturbed. Thank you for your patience. God bless you and your families. We pray that we get through this together and healthy. It is our hope that we can all get back to our normal lives as soon as the coast is clear.