Maintenance Programs

Protect Your Business and Investment

Elements Roof Maintenance Plan gives you More!
  • Detection and repair of minor problems that could lead to
  • major problems, expense and inconvenience.
  • Aids in the prevention of most premature roof failures.
  • Keeps roofs in maintainable condition.
  • Increases life span of roofs.
  • Provides access to priority emergency repair service in the eventof storm damage.
  • Provides, in a timely manner, information for the budgeting of maintenance costs and replacement capital. Most importantly, Elements Maintenance Program Saves You Money!
  • Provides semi-annual reports of roof condition and early warning of most conditions that may affect roof integrity, such as:
    • Air conditioning equipment
    • Electrical conduit
    • Skylights
    • Process Piping
    • Duct work
    • Mechanical equipment
    • Blisters and Splits
    • Antennas and Guy wires
    • Stress Movement
    • Cracking of walls
    • Drainage systems (i.e., clogged drains or downspouts) leaks from caulking, etc.
Plan Includes:
  • Complete roof inspection/evaluation. Infrared Leak Detection
  • Clean roof of debris.
  • Branch trimming for limbs touching the roof.
  • Apply anti-moss solution to entire roof.
  • Skylight Cleaning.
  • Advise the Purchaser of any repairs that are necessary and provide free estimate.
  • Inspect and clean gutters and downspouts.
  • Inspect flashings at all penetrations and curbs including pipes, skylights, walls, etc.
  • Inspect seams in the roof field and expansion joints.
  • 10% discount on all our services.